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Yearly AC Maintenance Contract Abu Dhabi

We offer affordable AC Maintenance Contract Abu Dhabi

Welcome to Al-Hud's annual AC maintenance page! We at Al-Hud believe in providing sustainable reliable and affordable solutions to the people of Abu Dhabi. To help the people of Abu Dhabi to avoid any uncomfortable situation jn the soaring heat of Abu Dhabi, we offer AC annual maintenance contract. In it, our technicians with all the necessary tools and your HVAC system history will visit your place to clean the filters, ducts, pipes and check the quality of your indoor air, and take necessary actions to make it more breathable. We have skilled technicians to perform this task. All our technicians have all the necessary equipment and the latest tool kit to do the job. This way, your system performance remains stable and you can avoid any bad situation in the future. Trust us and book our AC annual maintenance contract now and enjoy the fresh air every day!

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Services for Annual Maintenance Contract Abu Dhabi

In our annual AC maintenance contract, we offer regular inspection of your air conditioning system. During the contract booking, the HVAC maintenance company devises a yearly plan, and both parties mutually decide when and how often the AC maintenance team visits the place. Here is the list of the services AlHud offers with its annual maintenance contract.

We offer regular inspections of your air conditioning system. The different ACs need different time plans for inspection, and we devise the one that suits your AC best. In regular inspections, the team endeavors to find any potential issue in the system.

Cleaning Services

The AC maintenance company offers filters, coils, and other parts cleaning services. The purpose of this service is to keep the air conditioning system in the best of the state.

System Assessments

Refrigerant levels, thermostat calibration, and electrical connections play vital roles in the proper functioning of the air conditioning system. Being a home maintenance company, we offer regular system assessments to ensure your system works efficiently.

Repair Services

When our AC mechanic team finds any error in your air conditioning system, we provide AC repair services. Our team takes the necessary steps to do the repair and ensure you don't get in trouble with this kind of problem again.

Emergency Priority Services

We offer emergency priority services for those who signed our annual AC maintenance contract in Abu Dhabi. Our team reached their place in the hour of their call and recovered their system back to the best performance.

Seasonal Discounts

We also offer different seasonal discounts on our other services. Our regular customers get discounts on regular AC repair, AC maintenance, and AC duct cleaning services. They get messages about the limited seasonal discounts from our team and book our services without any hassle.

You can improve your HVAC performance by booking this service. Our AC mechanic team offers the best AC maintenance practices and keeps the residents updated about the current trends in the field. An annual air conditioning maintenance contract is the perfect solution to avoid any cooling problems in your home this summer.

 Contact AL Hud’s team at +971562108748 and book our annual maintenance contract in Abu Dhabi now!


How We Works

Service of Al-Hud's AC Annual Contract

  • AC handler filter cleaning
  • Duct Cleaning
  • Lubrication of motor condensers blade and fans
  • Regular checking of wiring
  • Blower Belt Inspection
  • Cleaning of Debris, Dust, and Feathers
  • Compressor Working
  • Fulfill Optimal Refrigerant Level

Our annual AC maintenance contract includes the regular inspection of all these things three or four times a year.

Contact us and get the latest details of our yearly AC maintenance contract now!

Annual AC Maintenance For Air Conditioning Systems

We at Al-Hud offers yearly AC maintenance contracts in Abu Dhabi for the following HVAC systems:

  • Split AC Maintenance Service
  • Window Maintenance Ac System
  • Inverter AC Maintenance Services
  • Centralized AC Maintenance Service
  • Floor Standing AC Maintenance Service

In our yearly AC repair and maintenance plan, you don’t have to book us every three months our team of technicians with all the necessary tools and equipment will be at your doorstep on time.  

Maintaining Your Air Conditioner Yearly

Why Choose Al-Hud for Annual AC Maintenance in Abu Dhabi

Multiple things make Al-Hud the best fit for yearly AC-maintained Abu Dhabi service: Licensed Company Professional Team no Hidden Charges Around-the-clock Assistance Experienced Company On-site and Online Booking Process Skilled Experienced Technicians 24/7 Availability 

Get In Touch & Don’t Hesitate To Contact Us

Al-hud is a trusted name in providing home services in Abu Dhabi. Our yearly AC repair and yearly AC maintenance Abu Dhabi services are best for anyone living in Abu Dhabi. Our annual AC maintenance contract ensures clean, dust-free indoor air at an affordable cost. Contact us and book our annual AC maintenance contract in Abu Dhabi today for fresh clean air in the scratching heat of Abu Dhabi! 

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What is regular AC maintenance?

In regular AC maintenance, skilled technicians dismantle the system's ducts, pipes, and filters, and clean and disinfect them with brushes, vacuum pumps, and sprays. AC maintenance is preferred in functional systems to remove debris, dust, and feathers of pets to ensure the smooth functionality of the HVAC system.

How much does AC maintenance cost in Abu Dhabi?

AC maintenance cost in Abu Dhabi starts from 150 AED per hour. It depends on different factors in desert areas like Abu Dhabi such as area, model, type of AC, and the time you took maintenance after. It is better to hire a professional company that offers yearly AC maintenance plans.

How do technicians perform yearly AC maintenance?

The AC technicians usually clean the ducts, filters, and the pipes of HVAC system to ensure their proper function. Also, some professional companies's technicians check air conditioner parts, wiring, thermostats, and blower shutout systems during their regular annual AC maintenance.

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