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Are you looking for a professional maid service in Abu Dhabi? Then you can completely rely upon Al Hud services.

We provide a professional and trusted maid in Abu Dhabi UAE. You can book a maid online according to your preferred date and time. We will take care of the rest.

Office & House Cleaning Services

Al Hud Cleaning & General Maintenance is a leading cleaning service company in Abu Dhabi UAE since 2008. We provide all sorts of cleaning services across Abu Dhabi. We provide cleaning services to residential areas, commercial areas, industrial areas and retail outlet cleaning. Al Hud services follow international standards and provide the best office and house cleaning services to our customers. We also provide quality cleaning equipment and detergents for cleaning your home or office space. We provide the best cleaning services in Abu Dhabi UAE. With our professionally trained maids, all your cleaning works get easier. Each and every maid are thoroughly screened before they are hired.

Maid Services Availability

house maid services in abu dhabi

All our maids are available throughout the day. We provide hourly, daily, weekly and monthly based maid services all over Abu Dhabi UAE. All our maids are professionally trained and trustworthy with over, more than 4 years of experience in the cleaning service industry in UAE. We provide office and house cleaning utensils according to the customer’s requirement. Once you book a maid and after confirmation through call or what app we make sure maid reach your home or office at the correct time and date without any failure.

Duties of a House Maid

The duties or task that a house maid should follow up are as follows

house maid
  1. Its the duty of every house maid to clean rooms, bathrooms, restrooms, corridors, stairways, elevators, and other areas with proper disinfectant so that, cleanliness and health are maintained throughout the areas.
  2. Cleaning carpets, sofas, curtains, kitchen utensils, sinks, furniture, draperies.
  3. Clean the dustbin and change the plastic cover, remove ashtray ashes and other waste to disposal areas.
  4. Taking proper care of old age people and children. Looking after their and needs and helping them. Helping them with eating, bathing or any other needs according to the age and requirements.
  5. If it’s necessary to carry the necessary cleaning disinfectants or other cleaning solution with the maid, if the house owner provides all these then it’s not mandatory to carry all these disinfectant.
  6. All our maids are professionally trained, trustworthy, 3+ years of experience in UAE cleaning industry. And importantly they are screened for a health test before employed as a maid.
  7. Purchase groceries or other household item’s from nearest supermarkets, to keep your kitchen stocked.
  8. Wash all your plates and other kitchen utensils. Wash your clothes.
  9. Take care of your children’s
  10. Take care of your pets, if necessary and requested by a customer.
  11. Sweep, scrub, polish, wax your floor using polishing materials or other waxing machines.
  12. Dust and polish all your furniture’s.
  13. Iron and fold your clothes.
  14. Clean your windows, wax and polish necessary furniture or other surfaces. Keeping everything in order
  15. Clean each and every corner of the area to make it clean and tidy.
  16. Disinfect surfaces or areas, to remove COVID 19 virus and other germs by means of proper steam disinfectant or other chemical solution which is not harmful to kids, old age people or any other living beings.
  17. Make your bed and wash the bed sheets and pillow cover of all rooms.
  18. Prepare the room for meetings or other discussions, arrange the furniture accordingly, do decoration as mentioned, make all room smell pleasant and good looking.
  19. Take care of pets by grooming, going for a pet walk, and feeding them.
  20. These are the common duties of a maid or cleaning agent.

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