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In any living space, there are always multiple things to be fixed, from the broken lock to the loose doorknob, and everything in between, there is a lot that needs to be fixed. In situations like these, home maintenance services in Abu Dhabi are what you need.

A handyman is an expert professional who can help you with a variety of tasks such as carpeting, TV or curtain installation, picture hanging, and many more. They are skilled or certified professionals, having years of experience in dealing with a variety of tasks. At Al-Hud, we take pride in providing top-notch quality handyman services to the dynamic residents of Abu Dhabi. Al-Hud’s home handyman services are best if you are inexperienced in repairing tasks or don’t have time to perform those tasks.

To avoid the costly mistakes made by inexperienced individuals, hire our expert handyman Abu Dhabi.

Handyman Services in Abu Dhabi

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Why Al-Hud’s for Handyman in Abu Dhabi?

Al-Hud is distinctive from all other handyman services provider companies in Abu Dhabi by providing, 

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Abu Dhabi has a lot of pollution, so they may need Al-Hud’s Handyman services. We can offer you a very reasonable price according to your budget. If you get these services, you can save time for your business and for other important tasks that you want to do urgently but can not complete.

 Do you need some professionals to repair the house? Now select the services of Al-Hud’s Handyman services.

when many people living in villas, apartments, carpentry, DIY, construction work, garden maintenance, decorating, electrical problems, electricity Outages, appliance repairs, plumbing issues, and other services are always in demand.

We are just a finger click away from you! 

Signs You Need Al-Hud Handyman Services in Abu Dhabi

Handyman Services in Abu Dhabi

Damaged Items:

If you are living in a space with the damaged things around and have no prior experience to fix them. Then it’s high time to consult a professional handyman and remodeling services Provider Company to get things done professionally and quickly.

house handyman services

If you are inexperienced and have no time to perform specific tasks such as curtain installation, carpentry, painting, or packing. It’s a sign you need some hands to rely on their expertise and get your things done in no time

Keep Things Valuable:

If you are planning to resell your expensive items and want to keep them in optimal condition, then handyman services are what you need. Get your professional handyman who knows what to do with his experience. 

These are the signs you need some expert help. Hire one from Al-Hud Handyman and protect yourself from costly experiences. 

Handyman Services in Abu Dhabi

Why Al-Hud’s Expert Handyman Services ?

Al-Hud is distinctive from all other handyman services provider companies in Abu Dhabi by providing, 

Quality Services:

We at Al-Hud never compromise on quality. We always provide expert handyman in that particular field whenever you need them. Whether you need a locksmith, carpenter, TV installation, or window repair as well as Sofa Upholstery , we will provide our expert handyman in that domain and help you with your emergency.

Trained Handyman:

Our Handyman is trained and can tackle any kind of task most conveniently and reliably. They have years of experience in doing such tasks and have certificates.

Abu Dhabi Handyman Services
Handyman Services in Abu Dhabi

24/7 Customer Support:

At Al-Hud, we provide 24/7 customer support to the ones who are taking our services and the ones who are about to take our services. Our team is here for you always. Dial our number at the time of crisis and get at-home handyman services.

Handyman Equipped with Tools:

Our handyman are equipped with the necessary tools like a ladder, drill machine, cutters, and many others to protect you from the cost of such types of equipment if you need them in your time of crisis.

Affordable Handyman Services:

The one thing that makes us distinct from all other handyman service providers is our affordable rates without compromising on quality.

We Are Ready For 24/7 Home Handyman Service

Benefits of Booking Our Handyman Services in Abu Dhabi :

  • Time is money and we understand that. You can waste your valuable time in juggling with these repairs. By hiring expert handyman services from Al-Hud, you can save time.
  • To avoid damage and get your repair done at the right time with cheap handyman services. You can save your money too. DIY is not the right thing to play with your expensive items repair and here comes our handyman services.
  • Our handyman on-call service will give you convenience at the premises of your home. You don’t have to juggle on the roads to find an expert handyman with the qualifications and experience and you will get one at the cost of one call.

Booking Process for Abu Dhabi Handyman Services :

The booking process for our handyman services is simple. All you have to do is call us at +971 562108748 in case of emergency or you can also book our services via email at info@alhudservices.com . Our representative will contact you to get the details and give you a free quote.

It is requested to book our handyman services on one day’s notice. Moreover, we also provide our handyman on the same day, or within a few hours based on the situation and availability of our handyman.


The charges will be decided on the complexity of the task, no. of handyman, and the number of hours you take. The charges will be decided after the completion of the task. Our team will give you a rough quote upon having your requirements.

Stop juggling with the expensive Abu Dhabi handyman services for the tasks you don’t want to do. Book with a cheap handyman services provider company, Al-Hud. No matter what are you looking for a carpenter handyman near me or home handyman services, Al-Hud is the best fit for you.

For the best Handyman services Abu Dhabi, contact Al-Hud Home Maintenance Services, and get the best home maintenance services now.

Other Handyman Work Benefits

  • Professional Handyman
  • AED 1000 Protection
  • Easy & Instant Booking
  • Payment after Service

Our Most Used Services

Can I find a reliable handyperson in Abu Dhabi?

Yes, you can find reliable services for your home.

What should I consider before hiring a handyperson?

First of all, you have to consider their experience, price availability, and whether they have the certificate for the work you need.

Are handypersons insured and licensed in Abu Dhabi?

Yes, the handyperson must have the necessary licenses and insurance coverage. It is very helpful in case of an accident are in another emergency.

What payment methods are required in Abu Dhabi to pay the handyman?

You can also make payments in cash and by using a bank's other electronic payment methods.

What is a local handyman?

A local handyman is a person who can do small tasks like repairing your items at home.

How to start a handyperson business in UAE?

You can start your business in UAE by using the following steps; Select the services that you want to give. Beware of the handyman laws. Target your customer's requirements Select the price Make a strategy for your business.
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