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Everything You Need To Know About AC Duct Cleaning Abu Dhabi

 Summer is heading in Abu Dhabi and your HVAC system is running day long. The struggle is real due to the regular sandstorms in the area and you are worrying about your system’s duct maintenance due to continuous sand, and debris circulation from your system’s ducts.

No one can deny the fact that AC is a must in UAE. One can’t survive without an air conditioning system. So where is the AC, there is a need for AC duct cleaners. In today’s blog post, we will try to answer every query related to AC duct systems and their cleaning whether it’s AC duct cleaning or air disinfectant.

Is AC duct cleaning necessary?

AC Duct Cleaning

If you have AC in your space, you know about its parts. Every air conditioning system has a major part called the  AC  ducts also known as Air ducts. The prime purpose of it is to exchange air in and out of the living space.

In areas like Abu Dhabi where humidity and dust are high due to continuous sandstorms, dust and dirt accumulate in the AC ducts. This dust accumulation over the air quality of the icing space. To improve the air quality of your room, it is important to clean your AC ducts regularly. 

How often should you clean AC ducts?

AC ducts need regular cleaning, especially in areas like Abu Dhabi. People often misunderstand the term regular. Regular means after a specific period. There are different myths about AC duct cleaning but we will consider an authentic source to make it more authentic. According to the National Air Duct Cleaner Association (NADCA), one should clean an AC duct every three months under normal circumstances. But for area like Abu Dhabi where sandstorms come often, one should consider doing it earlier.

So it is recommended to clean it every 3rd month of the year.

How to clean AC ducts?

There are so many queries about AC duct cleaning and one of the most frequently asked questions about it is “How to clean AC ducts DIY?

To answer this, AC  duct cleaning is a job, and as every job has a specialist so does AC duct cleaning. AC duct cleaning is primarily done by skilled technicians who know how to dismantle the HVAC system and then assemble it after cleaning. It is not recommended to do it unless you are experienced enough and have a license to do so. Let the professional handle the job.

How often should you clean AC ducts?

AC ducts should be cleaned every 3 or 4 months in an area like Abu Dhabi where sandstorms can reduce the air quality and affect your AC system.

How to fix an AC duct?

AC duct fixation is a professional work and its procedure varies from model to model. If your AC ducts are not working, call an AC duct cleaning company for the process.

How much does AC duct cleaning cost?

The cost depends on the HVAC AC duct’s condition and the time it has not been cleaned. Also, the AC duct cleaning depends on the model and the company it belongs to. To get a quote, ask an experienced company by calling.

If you ask for my recommendation, the Al-Hud home services provider company is the best fit for the job. As they provide high-quality service at the most affordable rate.

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Everything You Need To Know About AC Duct Cleaning Abu Dhabi
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