5 Common AC Issues that Need Repair

5 Common AC Issues that Need Repair

Abu Dhabi is one of the hottest Emirates in UAE. According to NCM- National Center of Metrology, the temperature rose to the level of 50.8 degrees Celsius in Abu Dhabi last July. This rise in the temperature in Abu Dhabi’s Owtaid in the Al Dhafra region declared it the hottest land on earth. This rise in temperature points out the significance of the air-conditioning systems and their working.

Being installed in one of the hottest parts of the world, sometimes air conditioning systems stop working at their optimal conditions and need repairs.

In today’s blog post, we will discuss 5 common issues that every person faces in their life, so you know what kind of service to book if your air conditioning system faces some problems this summer. Give this post a read and know to learn about every AC repair service in Abu Dhabi.

Common AC Issues

Fixing the part of the air conditioning system that is causing the problem with the help of an expert is called AC repair.

 There are different types of AC issues in which residents need expert help. Here are the most common issues, one needs assistance with.

Leaks and Water Damages:

If you face leaks and water damage in your AC system, there could be multiple reasons behind it. Your HVAC system may face refrigerant or condensate leaks, or it can be due to clogged drains that cause mold accumulation and do not allow the air conditioning system to work properly.

Reduced Airflow:

There can be multiple reasons why you feel less so airflow or less cooling inside your living space. Clogged filters, dirty coils, or faulty fans can be a reason behind this problem that makes it harder to work and takes more energy to work in regular conditions.

Strange Noises

There can be multiple reasons why your Air conditioning system produces strange noises. Different sounds of different frequencies are indicators of loose AC parts, worn-out belts, or refrigerant leaks.

Increased Energy Bills:

In Abu Dhabi, one of the main AC issues one may face when their AC needs repairs is the increased energy bills. There are many reasons why you may get an increased energy bill due to a malfunction in your AC. Outdated AC unit installation, clogged drains,  or incorrect AC installation can be a cause behind your increased energy bills.

Thermostat Issues:

Everyone turns on and off their air conditioning systems multiple times a day. Different thermostat issues cause hindrances in the On and Off of AC which is a problem for the resident mentally, physically, and financially.


These AC issues are pretty common and have the potential to make your day worse. Don’t let these issues ruin your days in the bustling heat of summer in Abu Dhabi and get them fixed. You need expert AC technician’s help to do that. Only an expert can find out the actual problem and can fix it for you. AlHud is a company that offers sustainable AC repair solutions to these and many other AC issues. Visit their website or contact their team to learn more about their AC repair services.

5 Common AC Issues that Need Repair
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